discordTypes top-level property Null safety

Map<Type, CommandOptionType> discordTypes
@Deprecated("Specify types in Converter constructors"), final

Mapping of Dart Types to their Discord API equivalents.

Adding new types to this map will cause slash commands to use the specified CommandOptionType when that type is needed. The result can then be processed again on the bot, unless the type returned by the API is already assignable to the required argument type.


@Deprecated("Specify types in Converter constructors")
final Map<Type, CommandOptionType> discordTypes = {
  // Basic types
  bool: CommandOptionType.boolean,
  int: CommandOptionType.integer,
  String: CommandOptionType.string,

  // User types
  IMember: CommandOptionType.user,
  IUser: CommandOptionType.user,

  // Channel types
  IGuildChannel: CommandOptionType.channel,
  ITextGuildChannel: CommandOptionType.channel,
  ICategoryGuildChannel: CommandOptionType.channel,
  IVoiceGuildChannel: CommandOptionType.channel,
  IStageVoiceGuildChannel: CommandOptionType.channel,

  // Role types
  IRole: CommandOptionType.role,