NodeOptions class Null safety

Class containing all node options needed to establish and mantain a connection with lavalink server


NodeOptions({String host = "localhost", int port = 2333, bool ssl = false, String password = "youshallnotpass", int shards = 1, int maxConnectAttempts = 5, Duration delayBetweenReconnections = const Duration(seconds: 5), String clientName = "nyxx_lavalink"})
Constructor to build a new node builder
NodeOptions.fromJson(Map<String, dynamic> json)


clientId Snowflake
Client id
late, final
clientName String
late, final
delayBetweenReconnections Duration
How much time should the node wait before trying to reconnect to lavalink server again
late, final
hashCode int
The hash code for this object. [...]
read-only, inherited
host String
Host where lavalink is running
late, final
maxConnectAttempts int
Max connect attempts before shutting down a node
late, final
nodeId int
Node id, you must not set this yourself
late, final
password String
Password to connect to the server
late, final
port int
Port used by lavalink rest & socket
late, final
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited
shards int
Shards the bot is operating on
late, final
ssl bool
Whether to use a tls connection or not
late, final


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toJson() Map<String, dynamic>
toString() String
A string representation of this object. [...]


operator ==(Object other) bool
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