ClientOptions class Null safety

Optional client settings which can be used when creating new instance of client. It allows to tune up client to your needs.


ClientOptions({AllowedMentions? allowedMentions, int? shardCount, int messageCacheSize = 400, bool forceFetchMembers = false, bool cacheMembers = true, int largeThreshold = 50, List<String> ignoredEvents = const [], bool compressedGatewayPayloads = true, bool guildSubscriptions = true, PresenceBuilder? initialPresence, ShutdownHook? shutdownHook, ShutdownShardHook? shutdownShardHook, bool dispatchRawShardEvent = false})
Makes a new ClientOptions object.


allowedMentions AllowedMentions?
Whether or not to disable @everyone and @here mentions at a global level. It means client won't send any of these. It doesn't mean filtering guild messages.
read / write
cacheMembers bool
Allows to disable member caching on GUILD_CREATE event. It means client will collect members from other events
read / write
compressedGatewayPayloads bool
Allows to receive compressed payloads from gateway
read / write
dispatchRawShardEvent bool
Allows to enable receiving raw gateway event
read / write
forceFetchMembers bool
Whether or not to force fetch all of the members the client can see. Can slow down ready times but is recommended if you rely on Message.member or the member cache.
read / write
guildSubscriptions bool
Enables dispatching of guild subscription events (presence and typing events)
read / write
hashCode int
The hash code for this object. [...]
read-only, inherited
ignoredEvents List<String>
List of ignored events
read / write
initialPresence PresenceBuilder?
Initial bot presence
read / write
largeThreshold int
Maximum size of guild for which offline member will be sent
read / write
messageCacheSize int
The number of messages to cache for each channel.
read / write
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited
shardCount int?
The total number of shards.
read / write
shutdownHook ShutdownHook?
Hook executed when disposing bots process. [...]
read / write
shutdownShardHook ShutdownShardHook?
Hook executed when shard is disposing. [...]
read / write


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toString() String
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