IHttpEndpoints class abstract

Raw access to all http endpoints exposed by nyxx. Allows to execute specific action without any context.




hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.


addRoleToUser(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake roleId, Snowflake userId, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Adds role to user
addThreadMember(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake userId) Future<void>
Adds member to thread given bot has sufficient permissions
bulkRemoveMessages(Snowflake channelId, Iterable<SnowflakeEntity> messagesIds) Future<void>
Bulk removes messages in given channelId.
changeGuildOwner(Snowflake guildId, SnowflakeEntity member, {String? auditReason}) Future<IGuild>
Changes guild owner of guild from bot to member. Bot needs to be owner of guild to use that endpoint.
createAutoModerationRule(Snowflake guildId, AutoModerationRuleBuilder builder, {String? auditReason}) Future<IAutoModerationRule>
createDMChannel(Snowflake userId) Future<IDMChannel>
Creates and returns DMChannel for user with given userId.
createEmoji(Snowflake guildId, String name, {List<SnowflakeEntity>? roles, AttachmentBuilder? emojiAttachment}) Future<IBaseGuildEmoji>
Creates emoji in given guild
createGuild(GuildBuilder builder) Future<IGuild>
Creates a new guild.
createGuildChannel(Snowflake guildId, ChannelBuilder channelBuilder) Future<IChannel>
Allows to create guild channel.
createGuildEvent(Snowflake guildId, GuildEventBuilder builder) Future<GuildEvent>
createGuildRole(Snowflake guildId, RoleBuilder roleBuilder, {String? auditReason}) Future<IRole>
Creates new role
createGuildSticker(Snowflake guildId, StickerBuilder builder) Future<IGuildSticker>
Creates GuildSticker in given Guild
createInvite(Snowflake channelId, {int? maxAge, int? maxUses, bool? temporary, bool? unique, String? auditReason}) Future<IInvite>
Creates new invite for given channelId
createMessageReaction(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake messageId, IEmoji emoji) Future<void>
Creates reaction with given emoji on given message
createStageChannelInstance(Snowflake channelId, String topic, {StageChannelInstancePrivacyLevel? privacyLevel}) Future<IStageChannelInstance>
Creates a new Stage instance associated to a Stage channel.
createThread(Snowflake channelId, ThreadBuilder builder) Future<IThreadPreviewChannel>
Creates new thread.
createThreadWithMessage(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake messageId, ThreadBuilder builder) Future<IThreadPreviewChannel>
Sends message and creates new thread in one action.
createVoiceActivityInvite(Snowflake activityId, Snowflake channelId, {int? maxAge, int? maxUses}) Future<IInvite>
Creates an activity invite
createWebhook(Snowflake channelId, String name, {AttachmentBuilder? avatarAttachment, String? auditReason}) Future<IWebhook>
Crates new webhook
crossPostGuildMessage(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake messageId) Future<void>
Cross posts message in new channel to all subsribed channels
deleteAutoModerationRule(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake ruleId, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
deleteChannel(Snowflake channelId) Future<void>
Deletes guild channel
deleteChannelPermission(Snowflake channelId, SnowflakeEntity id, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Deletes permission overrides for given entity id
deleteGuild(Snowflake guildId) Future<void>
Deletes guild. Requires bot to be owner of guild
deleteGuildEmoji(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake emojiId) Future<void>
Removes emoji from given guild
deleteGuildEvent(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake guildEventId) Future<void>
deleteGuildSticker(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake stickerId) Future<void>
Deletes GuildSticker for Guild
deleteInvite(String code, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Deletes invite with given code
deleteMessage(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake messageId, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Deletes message from given channel
deleteMessageAllReactions(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake messageId) Future<void>
Deletes all reactions on given message
deleteMessageReaction(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake messageId, IEmoji emoji) Future<void>
Deletes the bot's reaction with a given emoji from message
deleteMessageReactions(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake messageId, IEmoji emoji) Future<void>
Deletes all reactions with a given emoji on a message
deleteMessageUserReaction(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake messageId, IEmoji emoji, Snowflake userId) Future<void>
Deletes all reactions of given user from message.
deleteRole(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake roleId, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Deletes from with given roleId
deleteStageChannelInstance(Snowflake channelId) Future<void>
Deletes the Stage instance.
deleteWebhook(Snowflake id, {String token = "", String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Deletes webhook with given id using bot permissions or token if supplied
deleteWebhookMessage(Snowflake webhookId, Snowflake messageId, {String? auditReason, String? token, Snowflake? threadId}) Future<void>
Deletes message sent by webhook
downloadMessages(Snowflake channelId, {int limit = 50, Snowflake? after, Snowflake? before, Snowflake? around}) Stream<IMessage>
Downloads messages in given channel.
editAutoModerationRule(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake ruleId, AutoModerationRuleBuilder builder, {String? auditReason}) Future<IAutoModerationRule>
editChannelPermissionOverrides(Snowflake channelId, PermissionOverrideBuilder permissionBuilder, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Allows to edit permission of channel (channel overrides)
editChannelPermissions(Snowflake channelId, PermissionsBuilder perms, SnowflakeEntity entity, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Allows to edit permission for channel
editGuild(Snowflake guildId, GuildBuilder builder, {String? auditReason}) Future<IGuild>
Allows to edit basic guild properties
editGuildChannel<T extends IGuildChannel>(Snowflake channelId, ChannelBuilder builder, {String? auditReason}) Future<T>
Allows to edit guild channel. Resulting updated channel can by cast using generics
editGuildEmoji(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake emojiId, {String? name, List<Snowflake>? roles, AttachmentBuilder? avatarAttachment}) Future<BaseGuildEmoji>
Allows to modify guild emoji.
editGuildEvent(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake guildEventId, GuildEventBuilder builder) Future<GuildEvent>
editGuildMember(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake memberId, {required MemberBuilder builder, String? auditReason}) Future<void>
"Edits" guild member. Allows to manipulate other guild users.
editGuildSticker(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake stickerId, StickerBuilder builder) Future<IGuildSticker>
Edits GuildSticker. Only allows to update sticker metadata
editMessage(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake messageId, MessageBuilder builder) Future<IMessage>
Edits message with given id using builder
editRole(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake roleId, RoleBuilder role, {String? auditReason}) Future<IRole>
Edits role using builder form role parameter
editSelfUser({String? username, AttachmentBuilder? avatarAttachment}) Future<IUser>
Edits self user.
editThreadChannel(Snowflake channelId, ThreadBuilder builder, {String auditReason}) Future<ThreadChannel>
Allows editing thread channel.
editWebhook(Snowflake webhookId, {String token = "", String? name, SnowflakeEntity? channel, AttachmentBuilder? avatarAttachment, String? auditReason}) Future<IWebhook>
editWebhookMessage(Snowflake webhookId, Snowflake messageId, MessageBuilder builder, {String? token, Snowflake? threadId}) Future<IMessage>
Edits message sent by webhook
executeWebhook(Snowflake webhookId, MessageBuilder builder, {String token = "", bool wait = true, String? avatarUrl, String? username, Snowflake? threadId, String? threadName}) Future<IMessage?>
Executes Webhook -- sends message using Webhook To execute webhook in thread use threadId parameter. Webhooks can have overridden avatarUrl and username per each execution.
fetchAuditLogs(Snowflake guildId, {Snowflake? userId, AuditLogEntryType? auditType, Snowflake? before, int? limit}) Future<IAuditLog>
Fetches audit logs of guild
fetchAutoModerationRule(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake ruleId) Future<IAutoModerationRule>
fetchAutoModerationRules(Snowflake guildId) Stream<IAutoModerationRule>
fetchChannel<T>(Snowflake id) Future<T>
Fetches IChannel from API. Channel cas be cast to wanted type using generics
fetchChannelInvites(Snowflake channelId) Stream<IInviteWithMeta>
Returns invites for given channel. Includes additional metadata.
fetchChannelWebhooks(Snowflake channelId) Stream<IWebhook>
Returns all Webhooks in given channel
fetchEmojiCreator(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake emojiId) Future<IUser>
Fetches a IUser that created the emoji from the given emojiId
fetchGuild(Snowflake guildId, {bool? withCounts = true}) Future<IGuild>
Fetches Guild object from API
fetchGuildActiveThreads(Snowflake guildId) Future<IThreadListResultWrapper>
Returns all active threads in the guild, including public and private threads. Threads are ordered by their id, in descending order.
fetchGuildEmoji(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake emojiId) Future<IBaseGuildEmoji>
Returns BaseGuildEmoji for given emojiId
fetchGuildEvent(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake guildEventId) Future<GuildEvent>
fetchGuildEvents(Snowflake guildId, {bool withUserCount = false}) Stream<GuildEvent>
fetchGuildEventUsers(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake guildEventId, {int limit = 100, bool withMember = false, Snowflake? before, Snowflake? after}) Stream<GuildEventUser>
fetchGuildInvites(Snowflake guildId) Stream<IInvite>
Returns list of all guild invites
fetchGuildMember(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake memberId) Future<IMember>
Fetches Member object from guild
fetchGuildMembers(Snowflake guildId, {int limit = 1, Snowflake? after}) Stream<IMember>
Fetches list of members from guild. Restricted with GatewayIntents.guildMembers. after is used to continue from specified user id. By default limits to one user - use limit parameter to change that behavior.
fetchGuildPreview(Snowflake guildId) Future<IGuildPreview>
Fetches preview of guild
fetchGuildRoles(Snowflake guildId) Stream<IRole>
Returns all roles of guild
fetchGuildSticker(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake stickerId) Future<IGuildSticker>
Fetches GuildSticker
fetchGuildStickers(Snowflake guildId) Stream<IGuildSticker>
Fetches all GuildStickers in given Guild
fetchGuildVoiceRegions(Snowflake guildId) Stream<IVoiceRegion>
Returns list of all voice regions that guild has access to
fetchGuildWelcomeScreen(Snowflake guildId) Future<IGuildWelcomeScreen>
Fetches a IGuildWelcomeScreen from the given guildId
fetchInvite(String code) Future<IInvite>
Fetches invite based on specified code
fetchJoinedPrivateArchivedThreads(Snowflake channelId, {DateTime? before, int? limit}) Future<IThreadListResultWrapper>
Returns all joined private archived thread in given channel
fetchMessage(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake messageId) Future<IMessage>
Fetches single message with given messageId
fetchMessageReactionUsers(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake messageId, IEmoji emoji, {Snowflake? after, int? limit}) Stream<IUser>
Fetches all reactions with a given emoji on a message
fetchPinnedMessages(Snowflake channelId) Stream<IMessage>
Returns all pinned messages in channel
fetchPrivateArchivedThreads(Snowflake channelId, {DateTime? before, int? limit}) Future<IThreadListResultWrapper>
Returns all private archived thread in given channel
fetchPublicArchivedThreads(Snowflake channelId, {DateTime? before, int? limit}) Future<IThreadListResultWrapper>
Returns all public archived thread in given channel
fetchThreadMember(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake guildId, Snowflake memberId, {bool withMembers = false}) Future<IThreadMember>
Fetches single thread member Returns IThreadMemberWithMember when withMembers set to true
fetchThreadMembers(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake guildId, {bool withMembers = false, Snowflake? after, int limit = 100}) Stream<IThreadMember>
Returns all member of given thread Returns IThreadMemberWithMember when withMembers set to true
fetchUser(Snowflake userId) Future<IUser>
Fetches User object for given userId
fetchWebhook(Snowflake id, {String token = ""}) Future<IWebhook>
Fetches webhook using its id and optionally token. If token is specified it will be used to fetch webhook data. If not authenticated or missing permissions for given webhook token can be used.
getApplicationInviteUrl(Snowflake applicationId, [int? permissions]) String
Creates an OAuth2 URL with the specified permissions.
getGuildBan(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake bannedUserId) Future<IBan>
Get IBan object for given bannedUserId
getGuildBans(Snowflake guildId, {int limit = 1000, Snowflake? before, Snowflake? after}) Stream<IBan>
Get all guild bans.
getGuildWidgetUrl(Snowflake guildId, [String style = "shield"]) String
Returns url to guild widget for given guildId. Additionally accepts style parameter.
getStageChannelInstance(Snowflake channelId) Future<IStageChannelInstance>
Gets the stage instance associated with the Stage channel, if it exists.
getSticker(Snowflake id) Future<IStandardSticker>
Returns single nitro sticker
guildBan(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake userId, {int deleteMessageDays = 0, String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Ban user with given id
guildKick(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake userId, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Kick user from guild
guildPrune(Snowflake guildId, int days, {Iterable<Snowflake>? includeRoles, String? auditReason}) Future<int>
Executes actual prune action, returning how many users were pruned.
guildPruneCount(Snowflake guildId, int days, {Iterable<Snowflake>? includeRoles}) Future<int>
Returns how many user will be pruned in prune operation
guildUnban(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake userId) Future<void>
Unban user with given id
joinThread(Snowflake channelId) Future<void>
Joins thread with given id
leaveGuild(Snowflake guildId) Future<void>
Leaves guild with given id
leaveThread(Snowflake channelId) Future<void>
Leave thread with given id
listNitroStickerPacks() Stream<IStickerPack>
Returns all nitro sticker packs
modifyCurrentMember(Snowflake guildId, {String? nick}) Future<void>
moveGuildChannel(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake channelId, int position, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Moves guild channel in hierarchy.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a nonexistent method or property is accessed.
pinMessage(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake messageId) Future<void>
Pins message in channel
removeRoleFromUser(Snowflake guildId, Snowflake roleId, Snowflake userId, {String? auditReason}) Future<void>
Removes role from user
removeThreadMember(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake userId) Future<void>
Removes member from thread given bot has sufficient permissions
searchGuildMembers(Snowflake guildId, String query, {int limit = 1}) Stream<IMember>
Searches guild for user with query parameter Requires GatewayIntents.guildMembers intent to work properly.
sendMessage(Snowflake channelId, MessageBuilder builder) Future<IMessage>
Sends message in channel with given channelId using builder
sendRawRequest(IHttpRoute route, String method, {dynamic body, Map<String, dynamic>? headers, List<AttachmentBuilder> files = const [], Map<String, dynamic>? queryParams, bool auth = false, bool rateLimit = true}) Future<IHttpResponse>
Used to send a request including standard bot authentication.
startForumThread(Snowflake channelId, ForumThreadBuilder builder) Future<IThreadChannel>
suppressMessageEmbeds(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake messageId) Future<IMessage>
Removes all embeds from given message
toString() String
A string representation of this object.
triggerTyping(Snowflake channelId) Future<void>
Triggers typing indicator in channel
unpinMessage(Snowflake channelId, Snowflake messageId) Future<void>
Unpins message from channel
updateStageChannelInstance(Snowflake channelId, String topic, {StageChannelInstancePrivacyLevel? privacyLevel}) Future<IStageChannelInstance>
Updates fields of an existing Stage instance.


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.